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What Makes Chocolate Special

What makes chocolate special is not only the way it melts in the mouth or its near-magical effect on the taste buds, or the look of it but its history; the dynamic shapes it can take, the various types that exist, and the love it naturally attracts from its consumers. Brief History Chocolate owes its founding origin of 4,000 years […]

Most Important Hygienic Habits You Must Have

Hygienic habits are activities that involve you practicing keeping yourself and things around your immediate surrounding in a clean, tidy, and healthy way. Good hygiene is the first and most important practice you can practice to be disease-free and having a healthy lifestyle. Hygienic Habits You Can Imbibe Once in 2 days shower is not enough, do more. Thanks! The […]


Morale, also known as es spirit de corp is an important part of life that speaks to having, keeping the right energy and motivation to continue forging through any part of life. Mentally, physically and even in our careers, it is as important as living is, as a matter of fact, it is a survival skill. And boosting our morale […]

Choking or Unconscious? Try these First-Aid Tips

Choking and unconscious First-Aid Tips are as important as previously illustrated in the first part of this series we all agree everyone must have. Furthering our knowledge in a health emergency situation, we will highlight two important first-aid tips in the continuation of our series. Do you have a choking or an unconscious person around? There are a few things […]


Pimples breakouts are one of the most common facial disorders that happen to us more often than not. These breakouts are formed by hormones that produce excess oil, leading to the clogging of hair follicles which leads to the growth of pimples also known as acne. Though genes play a major role in the breakouts of pimples, however, there are […]


As humans we are victims of Self-esteem attacks at some point in our lives, if not all of us then most of us. Low self-esteem happens when you seem to have lost trust in ones self and what you can achieve. The feeling of being inept, unloved, or insufficient. People who have low self-esteem are constantly worried about making mistakes […]