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4 Steps to perfecting your writing skills

Before we go into details of how you can get into perfecting your writing skills; have you ever had a topic so wonderful but couldn’t quite figure out how best to communicate it in written form? A crucial aspect of writing a story or description is having an avid imagination. Putting your thoughts on paper, on the other hand, can […]

Best way to Master Concentration

To master concentration is simply to be good at being attentive. “Pay attention” “Will you please just concentrate!” You were 8 years old and can remember vividly the voices telling you to focus on that seemingly endless homework. Your mind keeps drifting towards the cheery sound of the lucky children playing outside. If only you could just keep it together, […]

Most Important Hygienic Habits You Must Have

Hygienic habits are activities that involve you practicing keeping yourself and things around your immediate surrounding in a clean, tidy, and healthy way. Good hygiene is the first and most important practice you can practice to be disease-free and having a healthy lifestyle. Hygienic Habits You Can Imbibe Once in 2 days shower is not enough, do more. Thanks! The […]

Slay with style like a King

Slay King is such a thing now and it is time to be deliberate about it in order to have any form of advantage against the “slay queen”. You are A KING after all. Winning is a life style. What works for one kingdom does not necessarily apply or work for another. on this note, remember that only you can […]


Morale, also known as es spirit de corp is an important part of life that speaks to having, keeping the right energy and motivation to continue forging through any part of life. Mentally, physically and even in our careers, it is as important as living is, as a matter of fact, it is a survival skill. And boosting our morale […]

Choking or Unconscious? Try these First-Aid Tips

Choking and unconscious First-Aid Tips are as important as previously illustrated in the first part of this series we all agree everyone must have. Furthering our knowledge in a health emergency situation, we will highlight two important first-aid tips in the continuation of our series. Do you have a choking or an unconscious person around? There are a few things […]


Lagos is a bustling and exciting city with so many fascinating (but we will focus on 5 must-visit) spots every traveler and resident must take the time to visit and explore. Aside from the existing traffic situations that call for some calculation and movement strategizing here and there; Lagos has really interesting man-made, and naturally existing locations for you to […]


Trust is essential in any form of relationship be it business, romantic or even platonic, but under certain circumstances more often than not, trust is broken and mostly leads to the end of relationships. To begin, it may be helpful to think of trust as a decision that must be made. You can’t compel anyone to trust you. just as […]


Pimples breakouts are one of the most common facial disorders that happen to us more often than not. These breakouts are formed by hormones that produce excess oil, leading to the clogging of hair follicles which leads to the growth of pimples also known as acne. Though genes play a major role in the breakouts of pimples, however, there are […]