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6 steps to grooming new habits

6 steps to grooming new habits

Is grooming new habits really that difficult? In many ways, several experiences characterize habit-forming.

Any great delight or suffering, when paired with an action, can result in a habitual behavior pattern that can last a lifetime. A “major emotional experience” is what psychologists termed it.

Placing hands on a hot stove or touching a live electrical wire, for example, will cause severe pain or shock.

It could just take a fraction of a second to have this sensation. But you’ll have formed the habit of not touching such a thing for the rest of your life.

The habit will be created quickly and will most assuredly be lasting indefinitely.

Grooming Habits in 21 days

Some medium-complex habits can be readily acquired via practice and repetition in 14-21 days.

Grooming new habits can take 21 days or a singular life-threatening or altering event.

There are habits you should practise breaking away from but check out some other interesting ones to imbibe:

  • Completing your tasks before starting something else
  • Planning every day in advance.
  • Starting with your most important tasks each day
  • Take up podcast listen-in
  • Exercising each morning before you start out
  • Getting up at specific hour every morning

Onto the actual grooming

There are simple effective, and reliable techniques that over time have been used in the creation of new habits.

And just like in cake baking, you can use these techniques to develop any habit you wish inculcated into your lifestyle.

1. Be Decisive

Ready is not a destination, it is a decision.

You can make the decision for your self or you can let events unfold to force you. Either way, decide!

Be specific about your decision, write it out if you must; let it be measurable, and then activate it.

For example, if you decide to eat breakfast at 9:00 am; set your daily alarm for an hour earlier to prepare and another for 9:00 to actually eat.

2. Imagination is permitted

The more you picture and imagine yourself performing as though you already had the new habit, the faster your subconscious mind accepts and makes it into a routine.

So it is quite ok to visualize yourself in a specific circumstance performing or behaving in a specific way.

3. The power of accountability

When you know that people are watching to see if you have the resolve to keep your resolution, you tend to focus more.

it can be astonishing how much more disciplined and determined you’ll become.

Let friends, family members, colleagues in on the fact that you’re going to start doing something new.

Then permit them to help keep you on track by checking in every now and then to know how you are holding up.

4. No Room for “Just this 1 time”

Throughout the formative stages of your new habit pattern, never make an exception.

Make no excuses or justifications. Make sure you don’t let yourself off the hook.

If you vow to get up at 6:00 a.m. every morning, then train yourself to do so every morning.

Until it becomes second nature.

5. Nothing like the magic of affirming

Repeated affirmations accelerate the development of the new habit significantly.

Make a positive sentence you can easily remember to repeat. And say it as often as you remember to.

For instance, you may say; “I enjoy long walks in the evenings, it is refreshing and revitalizing, so I move”.

6. Enjoy a “benefit package”

By rewarding yourself, you create your own force field of favorable outcomes.

You unconsciously anticipate your own feel-good compensation as a result of engaging in this habit that you actioned.

Give yourself a reward of some type for exercising the new habit which is a most essential step.

You repeat and reinforce the habit each time you reward yourself.

You soon learn to link the reward’s pleasure with the activity on an unconscious level.

In Conclusion, all you need is the first step. So take it.

And let your good work continue as you follow the above-outlined steps. Once you get the hang of it, it will be easier to follow through with consistency.

Stay powerful!

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