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Best way to Master Concentration

Best way to Master Concentration

To master concentration is simply to be good at being attentive.

“Pay attention”

“Will you please just concentrate!”

You were 8 years old and can remember vividly the voices telling you to focus on that seemingly endless homework. Your mind keeps drifting towards the cheery sound of the lucky children playing outside. If only you could just keep it together, concentrate long enough so you could finish in time, and join in on the happy sound outside.

Frustrated, you berate yourself, asking “But how do I just concentrate?”!

We all have been there. But now we can do something about it and be better at concentrating.

Just Concentrate

The art of concentrating is simply the ability to key in and stay on one thought process the mind is hosting for a period of time.

Concentration is the learnable ability to simply tune out distractions and focus on one thing. This differs of course from attention span which means being able to concentrate on one thing for a length of time.

Please Focus!

Focus, not to be confused with concentration, is a noun and a verb when used in different instances. While concentration is majorly a noun.

Focus works well hand-in-hand with concentration and means the ‘very center of an attention or an area of interest’ while concentration refers to the ‘sustained attention or thought to anything for an extended period of time’

Two Reasons you do not know how to Concentrate

You were never taught how to concentrate: No one actually really taught that. We were not really taught how to concentrate as much as history, science, and math were taught. However, it is not only important but very vital in this busy world we live in. So forgive yourself and make a decision to start charting a new path of mastering concentration.

We do not practice concentration How can you practice what you do not know how to do. To play football, you have to practice. To learn that guitar, to dance well, you need to practice.

Practicing distraction is easy. if you do something for a year, you will be pretty good at it. if you do something over and over again, you will be very good at it. So we will instead practice the much-needed art of concentration.

Technology is not a bad thing and not as distracting as perceived as long as you are in charge of it. Every beep or notification can be a distraction, choose to be in control of that; it is as easy as clicking it off and choosing what you want to engage in only when you want to.

Mastering Concentration

The key step to mastering concentrating is by understanding the mind. We can do this by keeping these two important points in mind.

  1. Awareness – Imagine this as a glowing orb of light that can float around within the mind.
  2. The mind – Imagine it being vast land filled with different thoughts, sections and regions. Examples include but are not limited to Jealousy, anger, food, sex, happiness, science, art, joy., etc.

And this glowing orb called awareness can travel to any region of the mind. It goes to an area of the mind, sheds its light there, and lights up that area. When it lights up that area, you become conscious of it. When you become conscious of it, you concentrate on it.

The art of concentration is the art of keeping awareness; that ball of light on one thing for an extended period of time – Dandapani

Now the best way to master concentration is to practice keeping your Orb of awareness on ONE THING at a time. If it drifts away, bring it back, if it goes off, direct it right back to that activity/event or thought.

As adults, life gets even more demanding. Adults are asked to be serene, expected to be calm, to be at peace; to meditate, to focus at work, get that one thing done in time. All these take concentration.

The benefits of concentration are numerous and cannot be overstated. Life is a manifestation of where your energy is flowing and energy is built on what you focus on. Deciding on what you want to be and focusing your energy on that, creates an avenue where what you want is achievable.

Master concentration by bringing this practice into one activity you do every day and use that opportunity to build this mental muscle.

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