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6 steps to grooming new habits

Is grooming new habits really that difficult? In many ways, several experiences characterize habit-forming. Any great delight or suffering, when paired with an action, can result in a habitual behavior pattern that can last a lifetime. A “major emotional experience” is what psychologists termed it. Placing hands on a hot stove or touching a live electrical wire, for example, will cause severe pain or shock. It could just take a fraction of a second to have this sensation. But you’ll have formed […]

3 useless habits to quit immediately

It goes without saying that over the years, and with technological advancement, we have unconsciously picked up useless habits; some pretty decent and others that are downright scary with their damaging effect. This is not in any way to take a piss at technology. Tech is awesome; its advantages are numerous and insurmountable. But let’s be guided, we all agree […]

4 Steps to perfecting your writing skills

Before we go into details of how you can get into perfecting your writing skills; have you ever had a topic so wonderful but couldn’t quite figure out how best to communicate it in written form? A crucial aspect of writing a story or description is having an avid imagination. Putting your thoughts on paper, on the other hand, can […]

Best way to Master Concentration

To master concentration is simply to be good at being attentive. “Pay attention” “Will you please just concentrate!” You were 8 years old and can remember vividly the voices telling you to focus on that seemingly endless homework. Your mind keeps drifting towards the cheery sound of the lucky children playing outside. If only you could just keep it together, […]

What Makes Chocolate Special

What makes chocolate special is not only the way it melts in the mouth or its near-magical effect on the taste buds, or the look of it but its history; the dynamic shapes it can take, the various types that exist, and the love it naturally attracts from its consumers. Brief History Chocolate owes its founding origin of 4,000 years […]