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Most Important Hygienic Habits You Must Have

Most Important Hygienic Habits You Must Have

Hygienic habits are activities that involve you practicing keeping yourself and things around your immediate surrounding in a clean, tidy, and healthy way.

Good hygiene is the first and most important practice you can practice to be disease-free and having a healthy lifestyle.

Hygienic Habits You Can Imbibe

  • Once in 2 days shower is not enough, do more. Thanks! The body sheds off dead cells we need to wash off in order to avoid bacteria build-up. It is advisable to have a proper bathe once a day to wash these sloughs off. It is a common knowledge that bathing is physically, mentally, and emotionally therapeutic.
  • Use cologne and/or deodorants, please. They reduce sweat and keep some of the odor-causing bacteria locked in. It may not be the best practice like bathing is, but it is a working one for days when you need to be out and about especially if you sweat a lot.
  • Avoid touching everything you see. While taking the stairs, keep away as much as possible from the railings.
  • Bacteriae stay on these surfaces so by rubbing your hands on the rails while taking the stairs means you pick all the bacterias from previous pedestrians. Railings are installed for people to have balance while on the stairways. If you have that balance and can do without the support, then avoid touching the rail as much as possible.
  • When in doubt, cover the toilet seat. The most hygeinic practise is to flush only when you have the WC covered; that way you keep bacterias from flying onto your towel, toothbrush, and other items.
  • Don’t urinate just anywhere and if you ever really must, wash your hands. Thoroughly!
  • Simple things you should do like cough into your elbows or into a properly fisted hands or handkerchief, you don’t need COVID-19 to teach you that.
  • You will need to floss once in two days and if not, ensure you brush daily. Brush with a soft toothbrush for at least two minutes before spitting out and if you can, do not rinse off the paste after brushing.
  • Use OIl for the Belly Button to clean off the very stubborn dirt. And with cotton bud dipped in soapy water before rinsing off with clean water for your daily cleaning.

Hygiene is such an important social skill, having difficulty at it is the same as avoiding people and socializing in general.

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