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How Ego May Be Ruining That Relationship

How Ego May Be Ruining That Relationship

Do not be oblivious to the presence of ego and how it may be ruining your relationship.

Ego is an over bloated sense of self that any one is capable of having. It can be such a negative trait and can ruin relationships.

A good self-image is a very necessary confidence boost in the world we currently live in but anything in excess is agreed to be assuredly damning. 

In relationships with friends, families, or romantic partners, our egos can be a daunting impediment. A refusal to see a situation from the other’s point of view is the root of many disputes. When we identify with our ego, we adopt a self-protective and survival mindset.

Ego is the thin line between self-awareness and cockiness which is defined as a person’s self-esteem or self-importance. 

An egotistical person is typically thought to be vain or self-absorbed, but low self-esteem, also known to be the “inverted ego” can be just as harmful.

We may become dependent, needy, and struggle to authentically articulate how we feel if we don’t love ourselves. We can also seek affirmation or feel burdened if we don’t love ourselves.

From arrogance to insecurity, both of these emotions keep us from creating strong, meaningful relationships with others.

The ego protects a person’s emotional state sometimes. However, the pain, fears, experiences from the external world we live in influences and corrupt it with too much power

An egotistical person can sometimes be very difficult to live with in any type of relationship. Intimacy can be affected if one person within the relationship thinks a little too highly of themselves.


Ego despises forgiveness.

That little voice of reasoning that speaks of forgiveness is so easily ignored by an egotistical person.

It balks at the very idea of being unloved, ignored, disrespected, unacknowledged, or rejected even when falsely perceived.  No friendship can survive this; surely ego will be ruining this relationship in only a few weeks.

Ego is self-destructive

There is no backing down when in any feisty discussion with your partner until you have won the argument. The most powerful symptom here is a troubling level of impatience when someone else is doing the talking.

And the usual dismissiveness to whatever anyone else is saying is typically not that far behind.

Ego is envious

There is also that little tinge of jealousy you feel whenever someone/your partner is doing better than you, you’d rather it was you not them.

Be conscious of this and silence it or simply ignore it when it arises. This is one sure way the presence of ego may be ruining your relationship.

Ego is Self absolved

Notice how the conversation goes for 10 minutes; if it speaks more about you than the other person, that’s a level of self-importance that can be bothersome.

Ever taken the time to notice how rather than listen to the problem, you end up projecting your own story. With this, you are not really being helpful but you end up being the victim yet again in that scenario.

Yep, that’s ego alright.

Maybe it is because self Image is an all too important element in the world we live in; that people tend to always find ways to be critical of you than to be uplifting. The ego always tries to speak loudly in defense of that criticism.

You will need to be deliberate to ignore the voice of that ego as it can affect your relationships; when it rises to speak in defense of your image

Ego simply adores drama.

A dramatic person will rather curse their luck and lament more on a loss than count whatever blessing exists in any situation. 

A person with a bloated self-image cannot save their own life by taking responsibility or blame themselves for any wrong. They blame others and are always right; as if that’s possible. 

Ego can be depressive and negative

Not feeling good enough?? We all feel that sometimes.

Ego primarily focuses on those negative traits that can stop us from thriving in life.

Imagine projecting that level of negativity daily to a person in your relationship and see if that relationship will survive.

These negatives can steal dreams and real goals as it hampers progressive movements. 

Humility? No way.

The ego has a way of finding the balance between a sense of worthless negativity and loud verbal self-importance.

No one person is an island of knowledge but that is not the ego’s concern. Ego has other ideas about that and is not afraid of showing up.

In summary,

Once the ego has been identified as suspect in the murder of intimacy and understanding with your partner; further investigation followed with discussion should be the next step to resolution.

Ego may be here to stay but only you have the power to minimize its damaging influence in your relationships. Simply acknowledge its ruthless presence and choose instead to do the exact opposite of its promptings.

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