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Slay with style like a King

Slay with style like a King

Slay King is such a thing now and it is time to be deliberate about it in order to have any form of advantage against the “slay queen”.

You are A KING after all. Winning is a life style.

What works for one kingdom does not necessarily apply or work for another. on this note, remember that only you can set the tone for what will look and feel good on you.

Don’t be afraid to try out new rules, new kits, new outfits, different styles, and a different you anytime.

Move to step in and slay anywhere stylish like a King.

Get In touch with your fashion Sense; Explore!

We talking about that one brogue, that fascinating cuff link, your favorite jeans, slack, and chinos.

Your favorite tailor with his ‘senator’ cuts made in heaven for you and those fav and colorful classic shirts.

That special cut boot, a headgear that accentuates your casuals, your stand-out suit, and even those seemingly boring loafers. Try them in varieties, style them differently on different days with the specific blend of You!

Do not be afraid to let your mood also determine what will look and feel good on you that day.

That V-neck shirt that says you’re not afraid to show off. The magic you call jacket that just works anytime for you. Palm slippers that tell your story as you traipse around town. Those ‘skimpy’ shorts you adore and your favorite joggers are primarily all you need.

With your sense of style built up from the afore-mentioned items, begin to try what look works for you; the right shade of shirt on the right fit at the bottom combined with the comfy loafers would do just as fine as your caftan on your comfy slip-on would.

Keep mixing them confidently till you know how to perfectly throw on a look that pops for you.

Knowing the right shoes to wear on what occasion can make all the difference. Acknowledging the right fashion style you want to be known for can help you achieve the level of confidence you need to stroll in with anywhere. So, no holds barred, start to dapper out.

It is A-ok to Accessories

A decking of your favorite neckpiece. That simple unique bracelet and if you may, a clip-on of that stud earring works just as elegantly to keep you from looking too busy yet stylish enough for the right attention.

Arm yourself with that reliable belt, ever trusted wallet and dependable wristwatch. A few rings here and there if you ever are really daring won’t hurt either.

And oh, let’s not forget that eyeglass that makes you feel secretly mysterious; you know you should be explored.

The two key steps already briefed on above should begin to inspire you; you know what to do to slay like the king that you are. You’ve got this!

Why should colours scare you?
Slay with style like a king
Idris Elba flagging bold colors

The most ‘beautiful and stylish males are not afraid to try colors. Brown and black at this point are just stereotypes existing to limit the male gender from the potentials to slay.

Casual wear or Formal, indulge some and don’t let a bit of color intimidate you.

A pink shirt is not you coming out gay, just as black jeans doesn’t mean you are boring. Army green is catchy any day but so is a beautiful lavender V-neck shirt.

Your favorite pink drop shirt will work on that navy blue chinos simply because you love it and anyone can dare to say otherwise.

If you feel like you are not too daring with the colors, start small; throw on a plaid scarf that can both accessorize and give a little splash of color to your casual.

Only remember that you need not glam all the colors together in one outfit in a bid to enforce your courage. Less Is More, after all.

Overall Appearance.
Just a regular nice hair cut

Step 1 through 3 speaks of this but I am not opposed to touching on more to highlight vital to-dos in a man looking and especially feeling his best.

Your cologne and/or perfume should not be sprayed too much so you maintain a semi-natural but really pleasant smell. Too much never works right.

Looking and feeling good enough to slay like a king goes beyond the morning shower you rush out of.

Take more than the two minutes you typically use to get ready for the day. Gush over yourself in the mirror for like 30secs. Use your deodorant with intention, moisturize your hands, arms, neck, and legs if you generally tend to avoid creams in total.

Make a little bit of effort to have those impossibly difficult outfits laundered. Or spare that 1 hour more than your usual making sure your washing skills are exercised and your pressing iron is not idle on the lazy weekends.

Kings are deliberate after all.

After the work your hairstylist/barber put in last week, your hair brush should not be far from your day satchel.

Gotta keep up the look.

Your shoe can never tell others where it has walked, that should be a secret, keep them clean and/or polished.

The devil is in the details; keep your nails clipped short and clean.

Let’s not argue over this please.

You may glam them up with some clear nail polish if you are stylish enough. But a long nail is a clear NO on kings.

Ask around! lol.

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