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Morale, also known as es spirit de corp is an important part of life that speaks to having, keeping the right energy and motivation to continue forging through any part of life.

Mentally, physically and even in our careers, it is as important as living is, as a matter of fact, it is a survival skill. And boosting our morale as well as maintaining it should be one of our biggest priorities right now.

These unprecedented and trying times all around the world have had a toll on our mental health and general well-being.

And as a result of these uncertainties, even the best of us are struggling to keep it all together; and we sometimes buckle under the pressure not as a sign of weakness, but as human

We can take early precautions and steps to avoid having to deal with a complete mental breakdown from low morale.

Outlined here are 7 steps to boost our morale;

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There’s absolute bliss and satisfaction that translates to a burst of new energy when we involve ourselves in activities that truly inspire us.

We experience total freedom when inspired and our morale is boosted. We are once more pumped and determined to live life with so much positivity.

Our self esteem and confidence level increases each time we are truly inspired.

How To Do More of What's Meaningful – Jenell B. Stewart
Find peace within

‘Happiness is not doing fun things, but doing meaningful things’ ~ Maxime Lagacè ~

We are in times where a lot of us do things out of pressure from peers, society or even family.

So we lack the ability to be consistent in things we do, cause we didn’t do them for the right reasons.

One major way our morale level reduces easily is by staying at a job we don’t love,

Being in an emotionally, physically, or verbally abusive relationship, or by even moving to a town we had no business moving too.

We find joy and true happiness when we do the things we love and can easily give reasons why we do the things we do.

If we can’t explain in simple terms why we do the things we do, then we might have to reconsider doing them.

7 Ways to boost your morale
Depiction of Giving and Receiving Mentorship

Most times we do not know what we want our lives to look like until we see someone live what we feel could be our life.

For all the pedestals we aim to reach, there’s always someone who’s been there and has done that, we just need to find and emulate them. 

 Getting a mentor saves us the time and energy of repeating the same mistakes to achieve a result that someone has already taken the pain of achieving. 

Finding and being under the tutelage of a mentor motivates and helps boost morale. This happens due to the influential consequence of following the guideline of someone we have the utmost respect for. 

7 ways to boost your morale
Hang Out With friends

Good flow of conversations and influence from people that intellectually stimulate and inspire us

On this note, we have to be intentional about the people in our circle. They have to possess the right mindset that speaks just possibilities and positivity. 

Within our circles should be people who motivate and encourages us to become the best versions of ourselves.

COVID-19: Why Now's A Great Time To Learn Something New - First Things First

Acquiring new knowledge can boost our morale as we are exposed to new perspectives and stimulating ideas. 

We most times get too comfortable in our daily routine lives.

The mind gets bored easily when there is little or nothing at all to challenge it, eventually draining our morale and most times the desire to live.

Learning something new keeps our mind engaged and our bodies active.

Learning gives a knowledge-based perspective of the world around us, giving a wide range of new challenges and new experiences.

7 ways to boost your morale

Volunteering to serve in an area of our interest is really therapeutic and a good way to boost our morale. 

We get to meet and network with other people with different mindsets and views concerning various interesting subject matters. 

Interacting with people with different views has a way of encouraging us that we are not alone in our struggles. 

Volunteer services give an overall sense of well-being and being valuable. Adding value to society makes us feel like we are needed and can contribute to the well-being of others.

7 ways to boost your morale
Keep a Journal

One of the most interesting advantages to taking a notepad and writing is the immense benefits it provides to the neurotic system of our brain. It stimulates, rejuvenates, excites, collates, and gathers pieces of information that help the mind sort through random thoughts and emotions enough to relax the brain.

Keeping a journal helps us to track our growth, not to mention a good way to boost our memory.

A read through of a previously written journal can give a quick boost to morale and inspires the mind. There is peace in pondering through past situations we’ve been through and how far we have come from them.

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