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As humans we are victims of Self-esteem attacks at some point in our lives, if not all of us then most of us.

Low self-esteem happens when you seem to have lost trust in ones self and what you can achieve. The feeling of being inept, unloved, or insufficient. People who have low self-esteem are constantly worried about making mistakes or disappointing others.

Too many facets of life existing in our individual journey make it easy for us to fall prey at any time and many times, unexpectedly.

Life is a slippery slope, one day you are good and giddy and suddenly you start to feel like you don’t fit in and the value you place on yourself plummets. this could be for several reason

  • Becoming Vagabond
  • Bad Relationship
  • Peer Pressure
  • low Academic Performance
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Dropping out of school
  • Earlier sexual activity
  • Criminal Behaviour
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • looks

The list go on and on, whichever one it is can lead to you feeling unworthy.Self-esteem can hit subtly too. Feeling undervalued, not doing as well as you’d like, uncertain of a role you are to play, or just a single aspect of life not going well that infects the rest like the rotten egg in a crate: They are but a handful of some common experiences that can lower self-esteemSo as not to feel overwhelmingly daunted when those unexpected attackers hit, it’d be best to have the next 5 vital key fixes in hand; @ heart.

Don’t fight it

Acknowledge that you are experiencing something unpleasant that can be fixed and will get fixed once the right attitude and approach is engaged for resolution.

Stay Self Aware

Think, dwell on, and put to words about what is in your mind and feeling low about. You may be needing a confidant or maybe just be very honest with yourself while you talk to your voice memo.

It is ok not being the expert

Open your mind to see other possible interpretations of what you are feeling and challenge your existing point of view.

A good example is if you are feeling low about your boss intruding constantly to complain or correct you on the job and you begin to doubt that you know how to do your job well, you can simply start to look at the possibility of a defect in your boss’ character which you need to be aware and conscious of.

Beating yourself up when the cause of the problem is somewhere else is futile.

Ignore all unrealistic idiotic sentiments

Don’t even bother with the “Cheer up” “you are not a failure but a success” you hear. Simply acknowledge that just because the vagabond hit does not mean you have a naturally pessimistic frame of mind.

Genuine and honest it may be, coercing someone who has low self-esteem to be more confident and/or pull themselves together can be useless.

What they need to do is reprogram their mind and come up with a new mental model.

So it is okay to ignore the pseudo-love and concentrate on realistically fixing that state of mind.

Engage only the right company

Be very deliberate about being around people who make you feel good about yourself.

Thinking differently births feeling differently about yourself which changes your mood for the better.

I mean, what would it hurt to try these steps. they work you win, they do not work, you certainly do not lose.


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